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COVID-19 Tokyo: Community Check-In

April 18, 2020

Episode 82: Returning guests, Robin Lewis, Kayoko Hirano, and Yan Fan, join Tokyo Speaks remotely to talk about how they're adjusting to this new reality caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Although we all are dealing with a global pandemic that has impacted every aspect of our lives, Robin, Kayako, and Yan share some ways that we can still be productive, healthy, and helpful to others in their time of need.  

Read these helpful blog posts by Robin, Kayoko, and Yan on Medium:

10 Ways to Support Coronavirus Relief in Japan

by Robin Lewis (Co-Founder of Social Innovation Japan & mymizu)


5 Ways to Support Your Immune System During the Pandemic

by Kayoko Hirano (Certified Obesity Prevention Health Coach)


Job Hunting in a Global Pandemic and Recession

by Yan Fan (Co-Founder and CTO of Code Chrysalis)


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