Tokyo Speaks

Destigmatizing Periods

June 30, 2020

Episode 84: Marina Yoshimura is the Founder and President of PERIOD@Tokyo, which is a chapter of the parent organization PERIOD. In this episode, Marina tells us why she decided to start a chapter of PERIOD in Japan. We'll also discuss various aspects of menstruation (periods) such as deep-rooted stigma, education, health, first-time experiences, and accessibility of period products. 

Guest host, Chalice Davis (also known as singer/songwriter Afrodyty), gives this episode another level of depth by sharing a horrific menstrual experience and condition that undermined her health in 2019. 

PERIOD@Tokyo recently partnered with Japan Association for Refugees (JAR) and launched a campaign called #GiveLove to donate period products to asylum seekers and refugees in Japan. 


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