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Food For Good: Hult Prize at Waseda University

November 5, 2020

Episode 90: Quynh Trang Ho Thi (Campus Director) and Emoh Justina (Trainers and Judges Coordinator) serve on the Hult Prize Organization Committee at Waseda University. The Hult Prize is an annual and global student competition with a focus on social entreprenuership and social impact. This year's theme is "Food For Good."

In this episode, Trang and Justina talk about their upcoming event for the 2021 Hult Prize Challenge. Trang and Justina also tell us why they decided to study in Japan and what sparked their interest in sustainable development and tackling social issues.


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Quynh Trang Ho Thi @bq.trang

Emoh Justina @emoh_justina

Hult Prize at Waseda University


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