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Learn Success Skills at Code Chrysalis

April 7, 2021
Episode 96: Kani Munidasa is CEO & Co-Founder of Code Chrysalis. Along with CTO & Co-Founder, Yan Fan, the pair founded this startup with a mission to not only change the way Japan trains software engineers, but to help people acquire the necessary soft skills (or what they call “success skills”) to be leaders in their respective careers. We discuss the following:
  • The need for more software engineers in Japan
  • Challenges of founding a startup in Japan
  • Code Chrysalis courses and admission process
  • What kind of people attend Code Chrysalis
  • Coding bootcamps vs self-studying
  • The Butterfly Fund Scholarship
  • Part-time Immersive Bootcamp 

This episode is sponsored by Code Chrysalis - change your life and learn how to code!


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