Tokyo Speaks

Life & Music: A Chat with Crystal Kay

October 22, 2020

Episode 89: Singer Crystal Kay released her debut single "Eternal Memories" at 13 years old and went on to make nine top-10 albums (including compilations) over the span of two decades. July of this year marked her 21st Anniversary in the music industry and Crystal joins us on Tokyo Speaks to talk about her life and career, as well as her goals going forward. We discuss the following topics:

  • Starting her music career at 13 years old
  • Collaborations with Japanese Hip Hop group, M-Flo
  • Pursuing a music career in the U.S.  
  • Finding herself in NYC & returning to Japan 
  • Interviewing Alicia Keys & Janet Jackson
  • Black Lives Matter Tokyo & Naomi Osaka


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[Crystal Kay]


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