Tokyo Speaks

Social Taboos into Triumphs

October 13, 2021

Episode 98: Lia Camargo, Global Business Manager for Fermata Inc., joins the podcast to talk about the company's three-day Femtech conference in Tokyo which centers on women's health and wellness.

This women’s health innovation conference, titled Femtech Fes! 2021, is the first in Asia at this scale with a specific focus on emerging companies, showcasing the latest developments in direct-to-consumer products and medical devices that aim to improve the health conditions of women in various stages of their lives.

Tokyo Speak's guest host for this episode is Ingrid Saito Maciel. Ingrid is an educator at Ashinaga Foundation, youth ambassador at the Health and Global Policy Institute, and an activist for Internal Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP).


This episode is sponsored by Code Chrysalis - change your life and learn how to code!


Learn more about Fermata Inc.  For more information on the upcoming Femtech Fes! (October 22-24) click here


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