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January 7, 2020

Episode 74: Erika Bulach and Fahreen Budhwani met in 2018 while attending Sophia University in Tokyo. After realizing they shared similar interests, Erika and Fahreen teamed up and created the Super Smash Hoes Podcast. On the podcast they discuss societal issues concerning gender inequality, women's rights, feminism, the LGBTQ+ community and more; in the context of Japanese society.  

In this episode, Erika, who was raised in Japan, shares her experiences with sexual harassment and assault. We also discuss the safety and overall well-being of women in Japan. Fahreen could not physically join us; however, this episode includes an audio summation of her dissertation "Why Womenomics Isn't Working in Japan", which adds another layer of depth to this informative chat. 

[Raw Urban Mobile Podcast rebranded to Tokyo Speaks Podcast on Mar 7, 2020]


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Super Smash Hoes (Erika & Fahreen) - Anchor | Instagram: @supersmashhoespodcast



"Why Womenomics Isn't Working in Japan by Fahreen Budhwani


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