Tokyo Speaks

The Noh Master’s Wife

February 22, 2020

Episode 77: Madeleine Abdel-Jalil Umewaka is author of the book and autobiography The Noh Master’s Wife: A Journey From Lebanon to Japan. In this episode, Madeleine shares her experience of leaving her home country during the beginning of the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990), and integrating into Japanese culture, as well as the close-knit society of Noh theatre. 

Madeleine details what it was like being married to Japanese Noh actor, Naohiko Umewaka, who comes from a prestigious six hundred year-old Noh lineage. Noh is the oldest surviving form of Japanese theater.

Buy The Noh Master's Wife: A Journey From Lebanon to Japan (レバノンから来た能楽師の妻) by Madeleine Abdel-Jalil Umewaka here! (Japanese version)

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