Tokyo Speaks

The Voncujovi Brothers: Black on Both Sides

December 3, 2019

Episode 70 (Part 1 of 2): Sena and Pele Voncujovi are Ghanaian-Japanese brothers, who relocated to Japan from their home country of Ghana. Sena is a Career Development Coordinator at Ashinaga and Pele is a Marketing Analyst at Rakuten MobileBoth Sena and Pele, along with Oulimata Gueye, are co-founders of the group and community event called Jaspora. Jaspora aims to facilitate networking, learning and collaborating among people of the African diaspora (as well as their allies) with the purpose of accelerating contributions to the development of Africa.

In this episode, we chat with Sena and Pele about their educational background, biracial identity, and cultural experiences in both Ghana and Japan. Stay tuned for part 2 of this conversation (Episode 71) next Tuesday! 

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