Tokyo Speaks


July 19, 2020

Welcome to Tokyo Speaks! Tokyo Speaks is an inclusive podcast featuring a diverse and inspiring international community in Tokyo. Cliff and his co-hosts chat with featured guests about various aspects of life in Japan.  


The Beginning

This podcast started in December of 2017 and the original name was Raw Urban Mobile Podcast (episodes 1 through 77 were recorded and released under this name). The original hosts are Cliff (Terrence Holden) and Shockolate Buddha (Harry Maison). Cliff and Shockolate Buddha recorded each episode inside a 1999 Chevy van. 

December 2017-2019

Over a span of two years, this expat duo interviewed more than 80 people from Tokyo's international community—entrepreneurs, representatives of nonprofits, community leaders, software engineers, filmmakers, teachers and more. 

Rebrand 2020

After co-host Shockolate Buddha left the podcast in January 2020, Cliff decided to rebrand the podcast to the name Tokyo Speaks with the assistance of graphic designer Jenn Piatkowski.


Terrence Holden (a.k.a Cliff)

Host & Producer of Tokyo Speaks

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